Five objects to be a true “studente fuorisede”!

Hello Foodies!
Last time we talked about pasta e ceci, a typical “studente fuorisede” meal.

What is a “fuorisede” exactly? Literally, this word means “away from home”: they are the students who go to universities far from home and start their lives by themselves. When they’re freshmen, they are called “matricole” (because they have their student’s id assigned for the first time) and they are mostly known for their inability: they cannot clean, they cannot cook an egg… Though it’s not that true, my own experience is that I ate cous cous with cold tomato juice for 7 days in a row because it was quick and I really did not know how else to prepare it.

Then I grew up.

So, if you’re moving out home, ready to begin a new life, here five things you will have to stuff in your suitcase and place in your new kitchen:


Because you never know when this will happen


But you know you will be prepared.


Dishes dry by their own, but in a student’s house they’re probably not as much as you need… so a little help is really welcome. And they’re helpful, they prevent the paper waste, they’re washable and if they’re good they last a lot.

Perks: you can also use them for nice pranks…


Trust me, you will never, ever remember to buy them when you need them: so better have a stash in your credenza. You might say yes, ok, I understand the salt issue, but sugar, is it really necessary? It is. Especially when you’re an “outlander” and you taste your very first italian coffee. And what if you invite someone over and they put sugar in their tea, and you don’t have it? It’s really embarassing, don’t you think?



Lots of pasta, because it cooks quick and it can be delicious with so less ingredients (if you follow our recipes, you know that for sure!).

Tiny pasta for winter broth when you’re ill and you need comfort food, medium pasta for everyday lunches, large pasta for dinner with friends… it’s an ally that never let you down!


You’re in Italy, right?

So you will have to learn how to use a Moka and impress your friends with a true, fresh, home made cup of coffee. It’s easier than you think, but not that simple: a lot of Italian themselves got it wrong. You will have to practice, but when you’ll learn you will also understand why do we prefer this tiny cup of black delight.


In this sense, very interesting is Florence Food Tour¬†: you can¬†visit a local bar for an original Italian Coffee tasting and you will get to learn about the history behind these typical Italian “morning jump starters”.

Ps.: if you want to have it like at the bar, with this softy cream on top, you will need the sugar. There is a way, but you have to ask it to your roommate, once you’ve proved yourself with the art of Moka!

So you’re ready to pack now, better prepared than lots of us: enjoy your stay and eat well!

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