Risotto alla Birra e Speck

When you think about italian food, what comes to your mind? Pizza, pasta… pizza…

And when you think about italian food in winter? Seriously? Only pizza? I don’t think so: what if I said… Risotto?


Risotto is a true italian winter meal: comes from the north (the very famous Risotto alla milanese, for example, or the venetian Risotto al radicchio) but it’s so good that everyone loves it. Today I propose you something that mixes the best risotto tradition with some gourmet innovation and a taste that will remind you of north, winter and storytelling by the fireplace… behold, my foodies, the wonders of Risotto alla birra e speck!!


“Carnaroli” rice 320 gr

Dark beer (a weiss, not a stout!) 330 ml

Some creamy cheese (ricotta or mascarpone, for example) 100 gr

Speck 150 g * Note: don’t buy the thin slices, ask for a thick one

Butter 30 g

1 small white onion

2-3 table spoons of chopped parsley

Vegetal broth, 1 liter

Pepper and salt as pleased

Heat up the broth and leave it on a low fire. Peel and chop in tiny pieces the white onion; mix it with the garlic then take the speck and chop it as well, in little small cubes (like bacon)

speck a cubetti

In a large frying pan, melt the butter and add the onion and parsley.
Once the onion is goldened and shriveled up (ca. 10 minutes later) add the speck dades and mix everything up together to get more flavour.
Stir it for about 5 minutes then slow down the fire and take off the pan some dades for the plate embellishment.

Now start to pour on the same pan the rice, slowly and carefully, and mix it with the sauce, wait until it becomes transparent.
It’s beer time: add it a bit by a bit until it’s over, but wait every time for the rice to absorbe it before pouring another sip. When all the beer is over, follow the same procedure with the broth, carefully keeping mixing with a wooden scoop. Remember not to pour too much liquid every time or the risotto will dry out!

Taste the rice, it has to be “al dente“: once we’re there, add the ricotta or the creamy cheese you chose and stir until it’s melted.

Now you can open another bottle of beer and put it on the table: your risotto alla birra is ready to be served, warm and flavory!


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