Pasta col tonno

Hello food lovers!

Remember when we talked about the tough fuorisede life? I saved my best recipe for these days – when in University you have exams and you don’t really want to cook, or think, or have a life whatsoever.

So behold, for you and only for you, the one and only “pasta col tonno” good recipe!


The pasta with a tunafish can on it it’s really something all of us experienced, and usually hated, even if the try occurred several times. At one point of my life I learned to put the tunafish on a frying pan before mixing it with the pasta and add some garlic or spice, but still it was so sad and unsatisfying.
Some like to add tomato sauce, I do not.

And then, one desperate study day, a friend of mine shared some tips with me and now I use this recipe even if I’m not in Uni anymore – actually, I cook it a lot and receive quite a lot of compliments!

The ingredients (for 4) are:

pasta (spaghetti or penne), 80 gr. each or more if you’re hungry or this will be your only meal until 5 am

– two big tunafish tin can (150 g) in olive oil

– one big organic lemon




While the water for the pasta is boiling, wash carefully the lemon and grate half of its skin. Be gentle and avoid the white part, which is bitter. Try to obtain little “julienne” pieces, but if you cannot just chop the skin in tiny parts.

Squeeze the lemons and keep the juice in a glass, you will need it in a while.

Prepare your soffritto in a large frying pan with oil, garlic – you can decide whether to leave it “in camicia” (remember?) or crumble it – and a hint of chili pepper. Once the garlic is golden, pour the tunafish after draining some of its oil and lower the flame. Leave it cooking.

Add salt in the boiling water and add the pasta. Attention: set the timer one minute before its due time because you will need it al dente!
Meanwhile your tunafish is cooking: carefully raise the flame and, one spoon at the time, add the lemon juice. It will create a wonderful cream, but you will need to taste it in order to avoid the excess of bitterness.

Once the pasta is cooked, drain it leaving a little bit of cooking water and pour everything on the frying pan. Mix pasta and sauce together and add the chopped parsley and, of course, the peeled lemon skin. If you want to go posh: grate a tiny weeny of fresh ginger and mix one more time.


In 20 minutes your pasta is ready and it is absolutely delicious, and light enough to go back to work!


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