Meet your guide: Coral on the Florence Food Tour

Italy Food Culture  is here to promote and educate the cornerstones of Italian food with Italian recipes, useful articles, as well as various food tasting cultural tours in Italy. We are rolling out a monthly “Meet Your Guide” section so you can get to know your friendly, knowledgeable food tour guides and tour leaders before you take one of the food tasting tours offered in Florence, Milan or Rome. If you have any more for us- let us know! Or ask us in person on one of the Food Tours in Italy.

Coral's hobby is wine.

Coral’s hobby is wine.

Now….meet your guide: Coral on the Florence Food Tour!

Name: Coral

Nationality and Hometown? American, from Seattle!

Name of tour you lead and where: Florence Food Tour in gorgeous Firenze!

If you are not from the city you are based in for tours, what originally brought you there? I originally came to Florence on a wine studies program and since Florence stole my heart I stayed. Now I stay busy with leading food and wine tasting tours.

Your favorite part of the tour? I love when people learn about something for the first time, especially when they learn about the intricacies of Italian coffee culture at the coffee tasting stop.

learning the difference between Arabica and Robusta on the Florence Food Tour

learning the difference between Arabica and Robusta on the Florence Food Tour

Favorite Local Restaurant in your city? Sabatino’s in San Frediano. It’s a totally traditional family-run trattoria with so much soul and extremely affordable food and house wine. I love taking guests from out of town there so they can experience the real Florentine dining culture.

The first Duomo climb in 2005!

The first Duomo climb in 2005!

One thing visitors to your city can’t miss? Climbing the Duomo. That is how I fell in love with Florence 10 years ago on my 1st visit.

Do you have a Favorite Travel Quote? “A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it” by George A. Moore

What’s next on your travel bucket list? That’s a toughy! It’s currently split between Argentina and Turkey.

What is your favorite Italian city to travel to?  It’s so cliché but I love going to Rome. Living in Florence is laid-back but sometimes I miss a big city. There is always something going on in Rome in terms of art, music, festivals, food and drink which makes me feel a bit at home since Seattle is also very happening.

What’s your best travel tip for those coming to visit Italy? Be adventurous- live like an Italian for a bit. i.e. Please don’t expect bacon and eggs for breakfast with a big cup of America coffee. Instead enjoy a fresh baked pastry and a cappuccino at a local bar/cafe. Let your normal habits take a vacation, too. Repeat often: When in Rome!

What’s the food that someone must try in your city before leaving? In Florence, please try lampredotto or some sort of offal. If you can’t stomach it, at least have something typically Tuscan that is not pizza or pasta: i.e. Pappa al Pomodoro or Panzanella.

What’s the most memorable experience you’ve had on one of your tours? That is really hard because all of my guests are so memorable (I’ve hosted an array of inspiring professionals like fashion journalists and chefs) but it’s usually memorable when I have guests who taste and learn about truffle for the first time and of course love it.

Truffle panino- found on our Food Tours in Florence

Truffle panino- found on our Food Tours in Florence

What do you like most about leading tours? I might have already said, but there is a deep satisfaction I derive from seeing a guest learn something new about Italian food culture and remarking that they want to bring that home with them. I think countries like America really have something to learn from Italian food culture.

What makes your tour unique? I love illustrating contrasts and noting differences between Italian and American food culture since I generally understand both of them as an American-born food blogger with an unreal love for Italy.

Stay tuned! Next month we will introduce you to one of our food tour guides in Milan!

Would you like to take a Food Tour in Florence with Coral on your future trip to Italy? Just send us a request!


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