La Bruschetta

September is near: it seems unbelievable but autumn is actually coming through!

In Italy autumn is very important for some things – some food things of course: probably the most important is OIL – you know, we have a thing with oil.



In november the most famous “Olio Nuovo” will arrive on market: green and bittery, it will be perfect for flavour up all your dishes – but do not use it to fry or cook stuff: as my mother would say “è un peccato!” (you would translate it as “that’s a shame”, but the correct form is “that’s a SIN”!). It’s not just because of its price: it’s a high quality product and it’s flavour it’s so peculiar that it would be a true waste cooking it instead of eating it raw.

So while you have still a bit of time to finish your old oil bottle, you can make practice with one of the “dirty pleasures” that we love so much.
Some post ago I showed you the Frisella, now it’s time to go to Tuscany and explore the world of Bruschetta (pron. Brusketta). Or Fettunta. Or Pancollolio.

The name of bruschetta is a mystery – it’s probably a distorsion of a “fetta brusca” (a toasted slice of bread – oops, I told you one ingredient!). Fettunta and Pancollolio speak for themselves: “fetta unta”: a “greasy” slice of bread. Pancollolio: Pane con l’olio. Bread with oil.

And that’s our recipe today!


1 or 2 slices of bread each. It’s not important that it’s fresh: but it has to be tuscan bread.

olive “extravergine” oil (the best you have)

some slice of garlic

salt and pepper


Grill the bread: it should appear as in the figure if you can use a proper grill, otherwise you can just put it into a pre-heated oven (200° Celsius for 5 minutes more or less). Or on a frying pan – without oil!

Once the bread is “croccante” (crispy), drag a bit of garlic on its surface: not too much, just to leave the hint.

Pour the oil on the garlic bread.

Add salt.



PS. you can also use that recipe as a basis for other kind of bread-and-stuff, like a great Bruschetta coi pomodori!




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