Warm up, eat on! 5 comfort winter soups

Hello foodies!

What’s better than something warm, in those days when the night arrives sooner and sooner? A warm blanket, a cozy armchair, bae’s arm… and when it’s time to cook, a warm comfort soup for soul and belly.

If you lack of inspiration, or worst: if you think that soups are boring, you’re going to read something that will definitely change your mind! Five warm, delicious soups – so simple and yet so unconventional that you’re going to ask yourselves – why exactly didn’t I think about that before?

Here we go!

Potato and ginger soup

Transform a super-basic potato soup, the one with big potato pieces still floating in the broth into something quite curious, adding pieces of ginger roughly cut. Boil together and you will know a whole new world of flavors: the lemon-y spicy fresh ginger will add to the soft texture of the potatoes a touch of joy, and you won’t get enough.

Lentil soup with yogurt

Greek yogurt, actually. Add it to your lentil soup to give it that nice touch of stranger that will renew your wanderlust, and get ready to pack.
If you want your fantasy to get even better: add some cumin. And don’t freak out if Aladdin appears in front of you!


Barley and speck soup

Yes: you prepare your wonderful barley soup, light and health and good and everything it’s fine, but you still miss something… maybe that tasty, smoked flavor, that only this particular prosciutto has? Add it to a little soffritto before boiling the soup and you will be immediately transported into a wooden shelter under the snow, with the fire cracking and some grappa in front of you.

Savoy cabbage and pecorino romano

Another super healthy-super boring soup turned into something really, really amazing: when you’re almost done and the cabbage is cooked, add (a lot of) grated pecorino romano and pepper! It’s basically the winter version of spaghetti cacio e pepe – just don’t tell the romans, keep it between us!

Pumpkin soup and coconut milk

This is actually a “vellutata”, you need to overcook the pumpkin before mixing it with spices and coconut milk. The flavor will be spicy and sweet at the same time, with a sunny yellow color that will cheer everyone up!
Prepare some roasted bread to dip, it will be required and necessary.


Ps: well, let me tell you – a good old minestrone will do its job as well!


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