Christmas beer in Italy

As we already know, Italy is not only the land of wine anymore: its passion for brewery is increasing and it’s really easy to find some nice craft beer here and there.

Often, they customize it, adaptating to the weather and the period of the year. Christmas beer is, in my opinion, one of the most difficult beer to make: it has to be tasty and cozy, and yet not so strong – no one wishes to get drunk on Christmas! Besides, it has to get along both with food and dessert.


Well yes, you read well: “Christmas beer” is actually a thing. A craft beer, for the sake of precision.

It’s easier and easier to find them, mostly at beer fairs where the local producers sell their own in glamorous one liter bottles, and the number of italians buying it or making it a present is increasing as well.

So, if you happen to be around during this red-and-gold period, try some golden drink!

1 – in a pub: two examples, there can be much more! In Rome, in  the “Prati” zone, you will find a small pub with a strange and nordic name. It’s LAPSUTINNA, where you can find some delicious, seasonal, craft beers. The winter one is tasty, with cinnamon hints, and it’s perfect with their home made fried potatos (or anything else).
If you are planning a trip in the Eternal City and you are curious to taste special beers, Rome Beer and Bites Tour is just what you need!
In Florence there is one famous brewery called “Mostodolce” (mosto is actually a wine thing, and that’s quite ironic) where they serve you only their own beer. And a dessert called “birramisù” : guess what might it be 🙂



Florence Beer and Bites Tour should be a realy nice experience for you and your group!

At last but not least, we could not miss Milan, the most european city in Italy: a lot of pubs, many different places to visit and….Milan Beer and Bites Tour, of course : )

2 – in a shop: All over Italy you will find good beer shops, usually they serve it as well. It’s always so good to taste (possibly with the help of someone who knows what he’s talking about) a craft beer with matching food, while choosing between the hundreds of fancy bottles around you! Try once, and you’ll never regret.

3 – at a fair. Beer fairs are practically spreaded everywhere. Even the tiniest town has its own beer fair, and usually they don’t have a lot of choices. But when it comes to great fairs, or just to people who love their work, it’s another thing. Wander around with your graduated glass and taste each beer with small sips. You maybe don’t think so, but your mouth will be able to find the perfect Christmas flavour between them!




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