Biscotti alla birra e cannella

Hello food lovers!

Christmas is almost here, and I bet you didn’t think to the christmas presents yet… haven’t you? And maybe you’re tired of the usual silly little gifts for your coworkers or the acquaintances – or even the friends, and you’d like to prepare something with your own hands… yes, well, that’s me actually.

But I figured something out, something that I will give to my colleagues on the last day of course and will make me look like I incredibly deserve a payrise 😉 Or maybe not, but still they’ll be glad.


I will give them a little bag full of cookies: not just simple cookies though but star-shaped-cinnamon-and-beer-flavoured spelt cookies, or, in italian, Biscotti di farro alla birra e cannella!

Here is what I’ll do.

Ingredients for a baking tray full of biscuits

150 gr. hulled wheat

50 gr. softened butter

100 gr. brown sugar

4 gr. of baking powder (for desserts)

35 gr. brown craft beer (a belgian one, for instance, or something similar)

a few pinches of cinnamon or a little piece of a cinnamon stick

a pinch of ginger mince

a tiny pinch of salt.

Sift the wheat together with the yeast and add the salt; in another bowl knead the butter with the sugar, then add the flour and keep kneading. You will have to obtain a well solid and smooth dough.
Now it’s time to add the spices (ginger and cinnamon) and the beer! Keep kneading and give the dough a ball shape.

Wrap it and leave it into the fridge for 2 hours (you might finish your brown craft beer in the meantime).

Now you can take the dough off the fridge and start rolling it out: it must not be too thin, otherwise it will burn!

something like this

Put your sweet stars on a baking tray – don’t forget to cover the tray with some wax paper before!

Knead the dough over and over while you still can make biscuits.

Pierce them with a toothpicker and put the tray in the fridge again, for twenty more minutes. Heat the oven up to 180° celsius.

Bake your biscuits for 15 minutes and wait they’re cold before tasting th-ehrrrrr, before putting them in those nice little bags!

You may cover them with powdered sugar, but I rather suggest not to:


they’re wonderful just like that.

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